Customer Comments From our Patrons

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I feel that The Golf Ranch is the premier golf practice facility in the entire Greater Cincinnati area. The quality of the mats in the bays is outstanding and the option to use the turf is always available. The putting green is typically immaculate and is maintained as well as any green on any course I have played. The fact that there is a sand trap as well as a pitching green means that you can practice any aspect of your game. All this plus the availability of multiple golf instructors and various membership options are the reasons why I have been a satisfied annual member for several years. Anyone who is serious about golf should be a member of The Golf Ranch. A wonderful facility for a membership price that is a can't beat it. If they offered a Lifetime Membership I would sign up without hesitation.

Mark Richards

Why do I practice at The Golf Ranch? Three reasons: 

First, I can work on all facets of my game. To score well in golf a person has to be able to get the ball up and down from around the green. The Golf Ranch provides the facilities I need to work on that aspect of my game. 

Second, I can hone my swing. Golf is a game of muscle memory, and hitting good shot after good shot is a way to transfer that same action to the golf course.

Third, I like the people. That is most important. The pros are top-notch, the facilities are in great shape, and the customers are friendly and interested in playing good golf. You'll play and practice better when you are around people who have the same interests. Join today, you'll be glad you did.

Don Then 

The Golf Ranch provides an informal, relaxed atmosphere to enjoy time on the driving range or the practice green. A real advantage to keeping up with one's game at The Golf Ranch are the heated bays during the winter and the opportunity to strike off the grass during the spring, summer and fall. The facility hosts a variety of private instructors who are available to patrons for individual lessons. I've always found the staff to be friendly and encouraging even on days when the balls aren't flying long and straight.

Jim Simpson

I have been a member of The Golf Ranch for 8 years. The crew is friendly and courteous and the facility is great. The management and staff are always looking for ways to improve the facility and really listen to the members and customers suggestions. Between the many covered & heated bays, the multi level grass tees and the terrific short game area, there is always some place to work on a part of your golf game year round. I have improved my game a lot by practicing at The Ranch at anytime I want to practice. I tell all of my golf buddies about The Golf Ranch and the Daily Specials that they offer to non-members. It is a great place to practice golf. When asked what my home course is I tell everyone "The Golf Ranch in Burlington, KY".

John Mason

The Golf Ranch is the best practice facility in Northern Kentucky. This is an all around practice facility open all year long. Professionally maintained grass tees that are moved every few days to insure a perfect lie and a short game area that includes a sand bunker with a designated hitting area. The large putting green that is also professionally maintained. The only thing nicer than this putting green are the people behind the counter. Also on hand are professional instructors to help with your game. Check it out, the only thing missing is you.

Tom Schoneker